Clear Correct/Invisalign®

Clear Correct/Invisalign® in Mount Kisco

When you have crooked teeth, gaps, or crowded teeth, it can affect your self-confidence. You may find it hard to smile in pictures or just in general because of the embarrassment. Often, issues with the spacing in your teeth can lead to oral health problems as well.

At Schwartz Dental Care, we may recommend Clear Correct/Invisalign®️ to correct your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, you may still take care of your teeth just as you always did. Plus, the trays aren’t noticeable like metal braces.

About Clear Correct/Invisalign®️

Initially, we will determine the appropriate correction needed to straight or space your teeth correctly by taking photographs and impressions. Dental grade plastic trays will be fabricated that shift your teeth gently. You wear them for at least 22hours each day. Generally, you use the same tray for two weeks. The next tray you use is slightly different and shifts your teeth further. The trays keep changing like this until your desired results are achieved.

How Long Does Clear Correct/Invisalign®️ Take

The process varies from patient to patient in terms of how long correction takes. Most patients can enjoy a perfect smile in 12 months. However, patients with less serious spaces and crookedness may receive complete results sooner while more serious cases take longer.

Benefits of Clear Correct/Invisalign®️

Although the price varies from person to person, it typically is slightly less expensive than braces. When you consider that you could have issues after your metal braces since you can’t clean behind them, Clear Correct/Invisalign®️ could be considered even cheaper for some in the long run. Not only can you clean your teeth more effectively with this option, but it’s also easier to clean them.

Not to mention, aesthetically speaking, Clear Correct/Invisalign®️ is much more appealing for most patients. You don’t have to worry about what you eat because you may take the aligners out when you need to. For many patients, the Clear Correct/Invisalign®️ process takes less time than braces.

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